Ring on a String Gender Prediction

Ring on a String Gender Prediction

Ring on a String Gender Prediction

The speculation of whether it is a boy or a girl typically begins the moment a woman discovers she’s pregnant. In most cases, you will  have to wait for your week 20 week anatomy scan to discover the gender of your little one. But the good news is that the last few years have seen advancement in medical science.

Today, a medical practitioner can determine the gender of your baby as early as 13 weeks with 98.0% accuracy. But are there other effective methods of finding out the gender of a baby? There are a few old wives tales that speak about predicting the gender of a baby. The wedding risk test is one of the most popular string gender predict test that can be used.


How the string gender prediction test works 

If you are up for some guess work, then you should try the wedding ring test. It is an interesting way to spend time with your family or friends. It can also be an amazing game idea for your baby shower party. 

For this test, you will need a piece of thread and your ring. Tie the thread on the ring and hold it a few inches above your belly as you lie on a flat surface or on the bed. You can do this with your husband or friend. Let him/her hold the ring for you. If the wedding ring moves in a circle then you are expecting a baby girl. But if it’s moving in a front-back motion, then you are carrying a baby boy. You can also use a needle instead of a wedding ring. 

How accurate is the string gender prediction test?

The string gender prediction test is not scientifically proven, but for many years, women around the world have been using this method to predict the gender of their unborn babies.  

Many families have reported success with these tests. While it may seem illogical, for many families, the string gender prediction is essentially just for fun. Try our most accurate gender prediction methods using our ultrasound theories.

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