Mini-Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers Tutorial

Mini-Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers Tutorial

Mini-Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers Tutorial

Diaper cakes make great, creative, and festive gifts for baby showers. We have made traditional multi-tiered diaper cakes, but Mini-Diaper cakes are so much more fun to make! Why? You can release your creative talent and make them as uniform or as different as you want them to be!

What else is great about Mini-Diaper cakes? You can use them as centerpieces! This helps contribute to the overall decorating theme, and everyone at each table will get to enjoy your hard work!

For each mini-diaper cake, you will need 18-24 newborn or size 1 diapers. You will also need:  

  • Rubber bands 
  • Onesies, washcloths, travel size baby items (powder, lotion, etc) 
  • A topper of your choice (So much to choose from!) Rubber ducks are the most economical. 
  • Tulle or wide decorative ribbon 
  • Decorative paper shreds 


Mini-Diaper Cake Directions: 

Step 1 -Rollin, rollin, rollin - Roll the diapers

Start with the open part of the diaper and roll the narrowest part of the diaper down to the closed end. Then wrap a thin rubber band until it tightly holds the diaper in place as a cylinder. 

Step 2 -Rubber band land

For the base, place 9-12 rolled diapers together and wrap an extra large rubber band around the group.  

Repeat the process for the top layer and place on top of the base. If you’re unsure if it will stay in place, add some double sided tape to the top of the base.  

If you bought onesies or washcloths, roll them up, rubber band them and add them into the mix! 


Step 3- Add tulle or ribbon to cover the rubber bands

For our diaper cakes, we used blue and iridescent tulle and wrapped it around the rubber bands to hide them, and to dress up the cake. We found it to be easier to tie the tulle and then add our own bows to the ties. You can use wide ribbon to cover the bands as well! Use your imagination. 

 Step 4 – Decorate your diaper cakes 

Some suggestions to embellish your cakes include decorative paper shreds to both tiers of the cake. Add travel size baby items or stuffed animals.. Place them neatly under ribbons to easily hold them in place.

Do you have more ideas? Leave your comments below!


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