The Gender Experts’ team formed in 2015 by a collaborative group of researchers, experts in ultrasonography, and volunteers of pregnant women interested in predicting the sex of their baby before 20 weeks. Data analysis and research of the Ramzi Theory, Nub Theory and Skull Theory several years prior to formation contributed to our early success. Our team of experts and researchers conducted controlled test groups to improve accuracy while enhancing the entertainment experience of this exciting event during pregnancy.

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Our mission is to provide a fun experience for expecting mothers during early pregnancy. Utilizing our knowledge, experience in practice and excellent customer service has given our customers a unique and enjoyable way to celebrate their early pregnancies. 

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Theories Research

In 2013, our research team investigated and compiled detailed data from the official peer-reviewed studies behind The Ramzi Theory, Nub Theory and Skull Theory. These theories were then put into practice among our experts to corroborate the trends in accuracy. The evidence was compelling enough to move forward with further research, while educating parents-to-be on how to put these theories into practice with their own ultrasounds for entertainment purposes. 


Our experts in ultrasonography collaborated and consulted with other professionals in the field to test these theories. We found that scanning in person improves accuracy of early gender prediction. This gave us the confidence to apply the theories and strengthened our analysis of static image gender predictions. 


Over the years, The Gender Experts have analyzed thousands of ultrasound scans while we continuously research and study theories.  With every year, satisfaction among our customers grow, and we pride ourselves on making the early predictions as fun, fast and accurate as possible. We are here to give you answer your questions and give you insight into these popular ultrasound gender prediction theories.

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