Boy or Girl Quiz with Old Wives Tales

Are you having a boy or girl? Take our quiz to guess the sex of your baby using these popular old wives’ tales.

Take The Boy or Girl Quiz

How is your skin looking?

Glowing and acne free!
Acne, acne and more acne!

Is Dad-to-be gaining weight with you?

No, not so much.
Yep. He is on his way to a Dad Bod.

What does the shape of your baby bump resemble?

Round like a basketball.
Flatter and looks more like a watermelon.

What is your baby’s heart rate?

Above 140
At or Below 140

Do you sleep on your right side or left side?

Right side
Left side

Where are you gaining weight at?

Thighs and Butt

What foods are you craving?

Meat and salty foods
Sweet treats! Cookies, ice cream, fruit

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