Pregnant belly stretch marks tips

Tips for Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Tips for Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks

 As your body begins to change, usually during the second trimester, so does your need for preventing stretch marks. Every pregnant woman dreads the thought of getting stretch marks or “adding to their collection” of existing stretch marks.

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What are the best Lotions for Stretch Marks?

There are several different options here, from intensive therapy lotion (for those who don’t want to take any chances), to inexpensive cocoa butter lotion, to Do-it-yourself remedies that may be just as effective.

Either way, prevention is key to keeping stretch marks away. The earlier you start using stretch mark cream, the better!


For those looking for an intensive therapy lotion, we recommend Tri-Lastin Stretch Mark Cream, although there are many others out there that have been proven to be as effective. This may be more useful after pregnancy. Always be sure to consult your doctor or dermatologist when using this during pregnancy.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Stretch mark cream is effective if used regularly and is easy on the wallet.

What are DIY stretch mark cream ideas?


  • EVOO – Mix 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and ½ tsp of turmeric powder. Apply this mixture anywhere stretch marks are becoming visible or where you want to prevent and let sit overnight.
  • Glycolic acid – This is safe to use during pregnancy and can be bought over the counter. It can increase collagen production.
  • Vitamin E oil – Mixing vitamin E with regular lotion may help with application. Use in moderation.
  • Vitamin C – Either through diet or supplements, Vitamin C forms collagen and cartilage. We recommend getting Vitamin C through a healthy diet that consists of broccoli, kale, bell peppers, and other greens.
  • Apply Vaseline to abdominal area and wrap in saran wrap overnight
  • Lemons – Follow these directions


Nutrition and Exercise

Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy is essential. This will also help keep your skin glowing and may even prevent a stretch mark or two! Your skin loses elasticity when you are dehydrated, making it the perfect environment for stretch marks.

Exercise to keep your recommended weight gain at bay, and to prevent excess stretch marks.

Keep it realistic and safe

Know that not all stretch marks can be prevented, and its only realistic to expect a few, or many. Check any type of creams for allergens or chemicals that may be unsafe during pregnancy.

What has worked for you? 

Leave your comments below to share the wealth of information in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.

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