Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy Announcements

When you are pregnant, like most couples, you want to share the news with the world. You share it on social media, sending out “We’re Expecting” cards, and tell all your closest friends and family. Some people like to: have gender reveal party to find out if they are having a boy or a girl, friends like to throw baby showers, and the expecting mama loves to be showered with gifts. For each of these life events, there are multiple ways to do it and a few items that can get to help make it all easier to plan and ensure that these days are the best possible. 

If you haven’t shared the big news with your partner yet, check out 5 Fun Ways to Tell Your Partner You’re Expecting!

Gender Reveal Parties

There are several ways that you can have a gender reveal party. The most important part is having the ultrasound technician, at your 20-week ultrasound, know that you do not want to know the gender of the baby. Instead you want them to write the gender of the baby on our free downloadable PDF and put it in a sealed envelope. This way the person responsible for orchestrating the reveal can know what color to go with, blue or pink, but you and your partner will still be surprised on the day of the event. 

For the party, decide who will get the sealed envelope. Some ways to reveal the gender are: 

  • Cakes: the inside of the cake will be blue for a boy or pink for a girl
  • Balloons: colored balloons in a sealed box will reveal the gender when the box is opened by the parents and the balloons fly out
  • Colored powder: Similar to the powder that is used during a color run, the parents can “pop” a container and the colored powder will reveal the gender of their baby

While these are not the only ways to have a gender reveal party, these are the most common. Check out sites like our Pinterest boards for more great ideas. 

Announcement Options

Fancy announcements don’t have to be expensive. There are hundreds of thousands of options, templates, and way to make announcements, but when you are having a baby, it’s most likely in your best interest to save the money for diapers, and find affordable, yet beautiful, options, to announce your change-of-life events. Many women choose to reveal their baby’s gender on social media. (See 7 Types of Social Media Gender Reveals). Check out these options for some affordable choices. 


When you don’t know whether you are having a boy or a girl, you want to keep decorations and color scheme, at a gender reveal party, gender neutral. Pick colors like white, green and yellow. You can also pair pinks and blues together, for gender reveal parties. If you are having shower prior to your reveal party or in the absence of one, avoiding pinks and blues is the best option.

Baby Registries

If this is your first child, you can register at any number of stores to get the items and the colors that you want. If you are having a gender reveal party, you can update your registry after the event to coincide with the sex of the baby. However, you don’t have to; there are plenty of people who wait until they give birth to find out what they are having, and they still have successful showers. Most all items can be purchased ahead of time, regardless of the baby’s sex, as well. 

Another option, instead of focusing on colors, is to focus on themes. If you have a favorite childhood character, like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, you can have your registry theme revolve around them. If you want a circus theme, you can have circus elephants and décor as part of your registry. The fact of the matter is, this is your baby and you can choose whatever themes and colors that you want! 

Having a baby is an incredibly joyous time that should be celebrated. Try to not get hung up on what color things should be, but rather the pleasure that you will have in your life in just a few short months. Sharing this time with friends and family makes it even more special and doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. 


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