Dr. Jonas Gender Prediction and Planning using Moon Phases

Dr. Jonas Gender Prediction and Planning using Moon Phases

Dr. Jonas Gender Prediction and Planning using Moon Phases

Is it possible to predict the gender of a baby from the stars? How can it be predetermined by choosing the hour of conception according to the Moon’s astrological sign? Can women rely on astrological calculations when choosing the sex of a baby? 

Sex selection has been known since ancient times. Many families decide to conceive a child of a specific gender as a result of unsuccessful attempts to have a son or daughter. By predicting a baby’s sex, they get a chance to experience the mystery and have fun while passing the time.

Who was Dr. Eugene Jonas?

Dr. Jonas is first from the left, 1968-1970, Dr. Jonas Research Centre with its Scientific Council

There are many gender prediction theories out there for similar entertainment purposes. One of such popular theories is Dr. Jonas Cosmo-Fertility concept whose effectiveness rate of determining the sex of baby is approximately 97.7% based on the position of the moon and planets in the lunar cycle.

Dr. Eugene Jonas (pronounced YohNash) is a Czech psychiatrist, gynecologist and astrologist who made one of the most interesting discoveries of the XX century in terms of intersection of astrology and gynecology. For unprecedented results, Dr. Eugen Jonas was even nominated twice for a Nobel Prize in United States of America (1970) and in Argentina (2000).

Dr. Jonas’ research began in 1956 with discovering an ancient Babylonian-Assyrian text: “Woman is only fertile during a certain phrase of the Moon”. Since there was no explanation, the researcher started to learn ancient astrology. 

In the summer of 1956, Dr. Eugene Jonas made an extensive testing over 10,000 women. Comparing conception charts, he searched for a pattern. After testing and research in the fields of astronomy and astrology, Dr. Jonas observed a correlation of moon activity and fertility cycles. He discovered that under certain circumstances woman’s fertility is subject to periodic variations which has an influence on conception as well as conceiving a baby of specific sex. With a group of cosmobiologists, Dr. Jonas discovered three fundamental rules on conception, the sex determination and the viability of the foetus. 

Dr. Jonas’ three fundamental rules 

Rule 1. Sun and Moon phase chart

The time of the highest woman's fertility coincides with the recurrence of the angle of the sun and the moon that occurred at the woman's own birth. For example, if the woman herself was born during a New Moon, her highest fertility days would be during the New Moon each month. And this pick may even fall on days of menstruation. 

In order to find out where the Sun and Moon were at woman’s day of birth, she would need to give an astrologer precise date and time so that he could create a chart showing information about the angle of the Sun and Moon.

Jonas chart

Rule 2. Zodiac signs and moon phases for gender prediction

The gender of the baby to be conceived depends only on the position of the Moon at conception. A lunar cycle lies at the basis of sex determination. Jonas believed that as the Moon passes through the different signs of the zodiac, the alkalinity of the womb is changing for acidity and vice versa affecting the sedimentation of the sperm.

In Astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs. The date and time of the child’s conception may fall either on ‘male' or 'female' sign. According to Jonas’ theory, female signs include:

  • Virgin, 
  • Taurus, 
  • Scorpion, 
  • Cancer, 
  • Pisces,
  • Aries.

If the Moon was moving through the 'female' sign, there were chances that conceived baby would be a girl. Male signs include:

  • Leo,
  • Aries, 
  • Sagittarius,
  • Gemini,  
  • Aquarius,
  • Libra.

If a child was conceived when the Moon was moving through the 'male' sign, the baby would probably be a boy. You might notice that the female signs include earth and water signs while the male signs include fire and air signs. If a woman has a regular menstruation cycle, the probability of conceiving a boy or girl is every 2-3 days. 

Moon phases fertility

According to the Jonas’ concept, all women have two monthly ovulation cycles, lunar and menstrual. The thing is that the menstrual cycle does not sync with the lunar cycle. The present day studies show that 40% of women have the clear biological potential to produce more than one egg in one month which means that ovulation during menstrual cycle can be affected not only by hormonal changes but the Moon. On the other side, the lunar cycle is always constant occurring 12-13 times a year which may be helpful in determining the sex of baby.

Rule 3. Conception and moon phase timing 

The planetary configurations at the time of conception can affect the viability of the foetus. When moving, the Moon influences each sign so that it may have a positive or negative impact on the embryo. 

While Dr. Jonas’ sex selection theory was strongly criticized among scientists, it brought a lot of attention to the question of sex determination as well as natural and chemical-free forms of contraception. Trying to prove his theory, Jonas conducted one more testing at the Bratislava Clinic of Gynecology. The experiment showed that his method was correct in predicting the sex of the baby in 83 out of 100 cases. Further testing resulted in 98% accuracy! So, if you decide to use the Jonas’ zodiac sign selection method, it will probably be successful. 

We gathered many gender prediction theories, charts, calendars and calculators to help you to get more accurate results when trying to determine the sex of your baby. As for up to 100% accurate methods, we offer Early Ultrasound Gender Determination Theories that include Ramzi, Nub, Skull, 20-week Anatomy theories. Those who are new to the topic of gender determination and would like to get more information on pregnancy, ovulation, ultrasound scanning and many more, we invite to visit our blog page. Here, you will also learn how to predict and plan the sex of your baby in advance.


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