Baby Due Date Calendar Game

Baby Due Date Calendar Game

Baby Due Date Calendar Game

Birthday of a child is such a significant event in every parent’s life. With Baby Due Date Calendar Game, it becomes much more entertaining to kick off the fun at the Baby Shower. The Baby Due Date Calendar Game consists in guessing the child’s day of birth. You and your guests will surely remember this cheerful game long after the baby shower is over. If you save the calendar with the scrapbook album, memory box and other baby shower stuff, it will keep your memories alive for many years.

What is the Baby Due Date Calendar Game about?

You might ask what is the point of this game? The main purpose of this game is to get the guests intrigued by guessing the exact date of your baby’s birth despite the fact that even you don’t know it yet. Let your friends and relatives sign the Baby Due Date Calendar with their best guesses. The point is to guess the future date of birth of a baby or, at least, the closest one.

The trick here is that even if the mother-to-be knows an approximate date of birth, there is no guarantee that it will 100% be the same. As you can see, the Baby Due Date Calendar Game can be a fun activity not to mention that it always is a great gift for the mom-to-be as well as pretty party decor.

Baby Due Date Calendar Game

How to play the Baby Due Date Calendar Game

It can be a great ice breaker game to make your guests feel at home as well as entertaining game to be played during the whole evening. All you will need to prepare is a printed Baby Due Date Calendar template, a pen, marker or pencil.

Start with downloading and printing out a pre-designed Baby Due Date Calendar Template. The Baby Due Date Calendar can be placed on a table or hung on a wall. Your friends, relatives and guests will need to put their names on the preferable date when they think the baby will be born. If you ask your guests choose the time, you will get the game to the next level. Additional indicators to guess may include baby’s sex, weight and so on. The person who comes the closest is the winner! However, this can only be revealed after the child is born.

The Due Date Calendar Game can be even played for money. In this case, every guest has to pay for writing his name in a square. The price may vary from $1 to $5 or more depending on guests’ preferences. Once the game is over, the winner gets the pot of money.

A tip on how to guess the date is to choose the due date in the middle of the calendar. This way you can fill in the days before and after it and be closer to winning. After the baby is born, his or her mother can give the cute gift to the guest who guessed the correct due date.

How to choose the Custom Baby Due Date Calendar

Today, many online shops offer ready-made custom Baby Due Date Calendar templates. Depending on the online shop, it is possible to fully customize the template. You can choose the theme, edit text, add or remove images and graphics, background and so on. Sizes may vary from 8 x 10, to 16 x 20 and more. The file can usually be saved in various formats like PNG, JPG or PDF.

Note that sometimes colors may vary from one computer to another, for example, pink may look like red, yellow like orange and so on. Be sure to pay attention to brand and quality of paper, ink, printer you are printing with. Before you download the file, pick background, wording, font style, color and size to match your design. When talking about some of the most popular designs, they include:

  • Floral
  • Animal
  • Seasonal
  • Colorful

How to play Baby Due Date Calendar Game Example

So, if you are into playing this simple but engaging game, pick one of pretty themes for your Baby Due Date Calendar like Boho, Elephant, Mermaid, Safari, Woodland, Camping, Eucalyptus and many more.

When customizing your calendar, make sure you provided the name of the child so that the top of the calendar could be decorated with your own wording, for example, "Guess Baby Samantha's Due Date". You might ask what to draw in a square on the baby’s due date? It can be a heart, flower, sun, snowflake, baby face and so on.

As for the color, pink and blue picked to be the colors of the template may signify the baby’s sex. If you already determined it for sure, you can simply choose the Pink or Blue theme for your Baby Due Date Calendar. Looks like this game needs a little preparation but is guaranteed fun at your baby shower party.

How to Choose Calendar for Baby Due Date Game

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